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This is a community for the discussion of video game-based films. The focus here is on theatrical movies over, say, Japanese anime movies that you may find on DVD. So there's much more likely to be a discussion of Van Damme's questionable Street Fighter flick than the anime Street Fighter II movie, dig? That doesn't mean you can't do it, though, if you feel so inclined. Feel free to join and dive in!

Things to Remember

1) No Spam! Don't join up and start advertising your contests or ebay sales. Such posts will be deleted.

2) If the IMDB claims that a movie is coming or a cast member is signed according to their page, do not believe them. The IMDB is extremely reliable for information on movies that are already out, but if the movie isn't out yet, it's full of lies. The problem is that they will print anything sent in to them.

3) Be sure to visit our sister community, comicbookmovies.